Sacred Alliances

Sacred Alliances — A Piety Guide for the fifth edition DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Tabletop Roleplaying Game

Forgotten Realms is a polytheistic world, thus most of its dwellers worship and pray to the gods before doing any­thing else. These manners have been addressed in sever­al previous editions’ sources, as well as the endless novels. Therefore, it’s time to bring these deities to life, encouraging the roleplaying through Sacred Alliances’ Piety System.

On Sacred Alliances you will find:

  • 5 Divine Alliances for players and DMs delve deeper into their faith. The Divine Trinity of Justice lead by Tyr, Ilmater and Torm. The Fourfold Juncture of Knowledge lead by Oghma, Deneir, Milil and Gond. The Manifesto of Natural Harmony lead by Chauntea, Silvanus, Eldath and Mielikki. The Nefarious Coalition lead by Bane, Bhaal, Myrkul and Loviatar. The Relentless Keepers of the Weave lead by Mystra, Azuth and Savras. Consequently, each alliance has its own benefits, goals and motivations for more complex characters and roleplay!
  • 5 Piety Ranks. Through achieving some tasks for your Alliance, such as capturing Relics and becoming Tutor to an initiate, you’ll be able to rise as High Priest. That’s one of the highest church’s position among mortals.
  • Piety Benefits. Each Alliance Rank will grant you daily spells, skills and tools training, advanced skills knowledge, spellcasting services and magic items; along with recipes to create them. Also, you’ll have access to known portals and everything else you need to pursue the true will of your Gods and fulfill your mission as their representative on Faerûn.

Where to buy it?

Sacred Alliances is a content for the fifth edition DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Tabletop Roleplaying Game. Thus, its PDF version is available in English, Spanish and Portuguese on DMs Guild. It is set on three of Faerûn’s Heartlands such as the Dalelands, Cormyr and Sembia, but can be easily adapted to other settings.

In addition, you’d like to know it’s also been formatted for Fantasy Grounds in English, Spanish and Portuguese on DMs Guild too.

At last, a faithful blessing!

May the gods guide your sacred (or unholy) journey through the Realms and the multiverse!

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Sacred Alliances — A Piety Guide for D&D fifth edition


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