Manifesto of Natural Harmony

Sacred Alliances — A Manifesto of Natural Harmony Supplement

Manifesto of Natural Harmony is the third Sacred Alliances‘ Supplement for the fifth edition D&D Tabletop RPG.

Well met sprout, and welcome to the Manifesto. I am Ias Sunaro, a spy among the Alliances’ Ranks. Above all, I will guide you through the Faerûn’ Sacred Alliances. So, have a seat and let’s talk about the Manifesto.

Firstly, I will tell you the history of the Manifesto of Natural Harmony. Secondly, Manifesto’s goals and motivations will be revealed. Thirdly, I will share a few gossips among the Manifesto and its affliliates — orders and deities.

Also, you will have access to:

  • Manifesto’s Bases of Operations in the Heartlands. House of Plenty, Chauntea’s Temple in the Village of Shadowdale. Verdant Shelter, Silvanus’ Temple in Archenbridge, Archendale’s capital. Unicorns’ Refugee, Mielikki’s Temple in the King’s Forest, Cormyr. Lastly, the Tesh’ Singing, Eldath’s Temple in Dagger Falls, Daggerdale’s capital;
  • Manifesto’ Stronghold in the Heartlands. House of Plenty, Chauntea’s Temple in the Village of Shadowdale;
  • New NPCs. Leaders of the Manifesto’s four deities in the Heartlands;
  • New Alliance’s orders in the Heartlands. Keepers of Peace and Green Leaves;
  • The Alliance’s Ranks. 1) Sprout, 2) Branch, 3) Floret, 4) Tree Sap, 5) Bark.

So sprout, that’s all you will find on this supplement. Yet, there are a couple topics to discuss with you.

Where to buy it?

Sacred Alliances — A Manifesto of Natural Harmony Supplement is a content for the fifth edition DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Tabletop Roleplaying Game. It is available in English and Portuguese on DMs Guild. Also, It is set on three of Faerûn’s Heartlands such as the Dalelands, Cormyr and Sembia, but can be easily adapted to other settings.

Stay in touch, much more will be released soon!

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At last, a faithful blessing!

That’s all sprout. May the Great Mother firstly keeps your crops healthy. Secondly, through the Oaklord’s teachings the nature remains in balance. Thirdly, may the Forest Queen guides your watch. Lastly, may you always speak words of peace.

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