Newborn Legends — A Simple Barbarian Day

Newborn Legends: A Simple Barbarian Day

Fullfil your destiny and become a Barbarian Legend through Newborn Legends: A Simple Barbarian Day

A solo adventure in Daggerdale, introducing new players to the world’s greatest role playing game.

From Newborn Legends: A Simple Barbarian Day — “Recently, through the malign influence of a once dormant entity, a barbarian tribe, previously unknown to dalesfolk, descended in fury from the highest peaks of a mountain range to plunder three famous towns.

With the evil entity’s defeat, the barbarians realized that they’d been manipulated and decided to ally with the same towns to repair their mistakes, thus giving rise to this saga”.

On Newborn Legends: A Simple Barbarian Day you will find:

  • Two pre-gen characters. Kronk Stonearm, Earthquake tribe’s barbarian as a PC and Harth Talop, a paladin Knight of Myth Drannor as a NPC;
  • Guide to character’s creation. A quick and simple guide to create your first level human barbarian;
  • A new background option. Member of the Elemental Tribes;
  • A solo adventure. 60 unique scenes easily played in less than an hour;
  • Soundtrack album. To create an immersive experience while you wander through Daggerdale, the musician Cristian Cooke composed this album;
  • Encounters and Battle maps. There are 13 battle scenes through this module. Also, there are 8 battlemaps resembling Daggerdale and Shadowdale areas;
  • Revamp maps. The talented cartographer Patrick Harron revamped Daggerdale and Dagger Falls maps;
  • Two new magic items. Embers Axe, an uncommon +1 battleaxe that deals fire damage and Iron Bone, a legendary inheritance +2 longsword;
  • Form-fillable sheets. All sheets on this module are form-fillable;
  • Travel Log sheet. Now you can track the passage of time during your journey. Also, you will find holiday and moon phase notes on it.

Where to buy it?

Newborn Legends — A Simple Barbarian Day is a content for the fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons Tabletop RPG. Also, it is set in Forgotten Realms Dalelands, and is available in english and portuguese on DMs Guild.

Also, there is a version for Fantasy Grounds.

What comes next?

Of course a sequel for this journey. Also, a classic module called Wicked Fist’s Crushing Onslaught will hit DMs Guild too. It has region’s lore and will link our product lines such as Sacred Alliances and its supplements.

Divine Trinity of JusticeFourfold Juncture of KnowledgeManifesto of Natural HarmonyNefarious CoalitionRelentless Keepers of the Weave. Also, you may enjoy to upgrade Sacred Alliances rules through the High Priest’s Guidebook.

Finally, if you enjoy player’s options, try Backgrounds & Subclasses Volume I.

Stay in touch, much more will be released soon!

“After a storm comes a calm” — Finn Silverfinger, Dagger Falls’ merchant when he settled an accord with the barbarians.

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