Backgrounds & Subclasses Volume I

Backgrounds & Subclasses Volume I

Harth Talop presents the Backgrounds & Subclasses Volume I. Knight of Myth Drannor Background & Oath of Eradication Subclass for Paladins.

Well met traveler, and welcome to the Dalelands. You look familiar, have you been around during the events of Newborn Legends — A Simple Barbarian Day? Yeah, I thought so! Please, have a seat, there are some tales to share while we drink a bottle of Dagger Cider.

Inside Backgrounds & Subclasses Volume I, you’ll find:

Background. In addition to free equipment, the Knight of Myth Drannor grants proficiency in one tool, two skills and one language. Also you will have access to new Personality Trait, Ideal, Bond and Flaw tables. Lastly, the Feature Cormanthor’ Secret Shelters will save your skin if you are in danger while exploring the old forest.

Subclass. With the Sacred Oath of Eradication, you will protect the Weave with your life if needed. To fulfill your duty policing other spellcasters, you have the perfect tools at your disposal. Two new channel divinity options — Commune with the Weave and Turn Violator. Also at 7th, 15th and 20th levels you will unlock respectively the Eradication Shell, Weave Master and Undaunted Jailer.

So traveler, that’s all you will find on this supplement. However, there are a couple topics to discuss with you.

Where to buy it?

Backgrounds & Subclasses Volume I is a content for the fifth edition DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Tabletop Roleplaying Game. It is available in English and Portuguese at DMs Guild. Also, it is set on three of Faerûn’s Heartlands such as the Dalelands, Cormyr and Sembia, but can be easily adapted to other settings.

What comes next?

A second volume, now featuring the Path of the Earthlord for Barbarians and Member of the Elemental Tribes Background. Stay tuned!

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