Products for Dungeons & Dragons by Specus Draconis Team

Looking for an epic adventure or a perfect background and archetype that fits your character? Surely our products are what you need. We are currently working on the following products:

Solo Adventures. You’ll venture through the Heartlands of Faerûn in a plot called Newborn Legends: Elemental Wild;

Supplements. While you explore the realms, we are developing backgrounds and archetypes related to our plot, and many other contents will come. You may also wish to be closer to your deity and join one of the Sacred Alliances;

Modules. Lastly, you will have a chance to be the DM and play with your friends. Faerûn Heartlands’ will be your setting, but now this region was fully detailed for your delight.

Formats Available

Our products are available digitally at the DM’s Guild. In the future, you’ll find some of them for print on demand. Now, we are working with the following formats:

PDF. We know this is your first option. Right?

PDF+MP3. Some modules will have soundtracks. And they sound amazing!

VTT MOD. Do you love Fantasy Grounds? If you don’t, you should.

Languages Availability

English is our main language for Dungeons & Dragons products at DMs Guild. But you will find translations for portuguese and spanish.

We hope you enjoy our epic adventures. Until our swords part!